Our Product- & Service Range


SMC Procurement GmbH as your strong partner

offers its customers a wide scale in different

production processes and its quality assurance.


High Quality Products All designs are customized according to requirements


  • casted
  • forged
  • turned
  • injected


  • unfinished
  • machined
  • heat treated
  • galvanized ( electrolytic & thermally )
  • primed and painted



Products made of Cast Material: by production process with


  • Cast iron (GG / EN-GJL)
  • ductile cast iron (GGG / EN-GJS)
  • Cast steel, alloyed & mild steel (G42CrMo4, G34CrMo4, GE300)


  • sand core
  • precision casting
  • investment casting (lost wax, lost foam)



Products made of Steel and Steel Pipe quality: by production of:


  • Material S355J2, 20MnV6, C60, C45, C45, Q + T, S235JR
  • as well as all customer specified requirements


  • forging + machining
  • CNC machining
  • turning + milling



Quality Assurance Safety through Quality:


  • continuous production process and product monitoring
    acc. ISO9001 by our engineers on site.
  • Traceability of products back to the raw material given
    by mill certificates containing chemical and mechanical
    properties per heat code.


  • dimension inspection
  • hardness testing
  • mechanical testing
  • metallurgical testing
  • ultrasonic testing / x-ray inspection



According to customer product requirements and drawings, SMC can start immediately with production of appropriate tooling and samples for inspection.
Please feel free to ask for more details.