SMC Company


Through continuous improvements, combined with technical developments of our internal  and external processes, expanding our network on manufacturer-and production level, we are in the position to provide our business partners the necessary infrastructure of


  • Production
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cost Control
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Product Development


from SMC "one face to the customer".



SMC Procurement GmbH is the strong partner, the one dedicated to the production and delivery of customized components of accessories used in


  • Prestressing Systems ( bar anchors & strand anchors )
  • Geotechnical Systems
  • Reinforcement Technology
  • Form Ties

for the construction industry.



Secondly and for further geotechnical application we are able to supply our business partners with the entire product range of


  • SMC Hollow Bar Anchor System ( Self Drilling Anchor System & Accessories )

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Due to the global permanent growth of the underground business and requirements, SMC has been concentrated to develop high prezised products for underground application and became a global supplier of the most important accessory components for the anchor technology in Mining and Tunneling.